We’ve created online advertising for WeWork; delivered strategy, creative, and production for Psycle; generated brand work and creative advertising for Pair of Thieves; and strategy plus copy for Vita Mojo. Joe Projects has also worked with several commercial ventures across Europe whose efforts currently remain under wraps. Watch this space.


WeWork >


It’s one of the most successful startups ever, and a household name in New York and London. However, WeWork is less famous in smaller places like Toronto, Boston, and Atlanta. So we created and produced a series of online films around a simple idea: your town’s an awesome place to live. Now, it’s an amazing place to work as well.

Each film was scripted using local insights and knowledge, giving WeWork a distinct, authentic voice, and establishing a meaningful connection to each city. The campaign smashed expected click-through rates. The relevant, honest, likeable moving images stopped more thumbs, and reached more people, than any of the brand’s previous static ads.


Then, in January 2019, we helped WeWork remind New Yorkers that no one has more locations across their town.

Combining cinematic, original footage, with punchy local copy, we created a social campaign targeting New Yorkers on New Year’s Day.

To date, they are the best performing video ads WeWork has ever run.

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Psycle >


It started as a single indoor cycling studio. Today, Psycle is London’s largest class-based boutique fitness chain, sporting four complementary workouts in studios across the city. To introduce Psycle’s four concepts to the world, we began by developing a new brand mission, one that spoke to the ambition of a growing company that doesn’t believe in limits: Encourage everyone, everywhere to own their life’s beat. From there, we created and produced a brand image library, inspired by the one of a kind feeling you get in the studio.

Developed in conjunction with the brand’s master instructors, the images continue to serve as the basis of all branded communications.

Then, a new website. We wireframed it from scratch with the brand’s marketing department, specifically basing the design around the new image library.

Finally, we applied the new brand look and feel, which had been inspired by the studio spaces themselves, to customer collateral, point of sale signage, promotional posters, and the café menu system.

When it came time to open a new studio in West London, Psycle returned to Joe Projects to tease the launch with a block long poster. We responded with a confident line and design that used the existing brand image library elements in a fresh way.

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Vita Mojo >

In a supersaturated marketplace, with a new lunch spot opening every week, busy City workers have a recurring issue every day around noon: where to eat? Vita Mojo offers busy Londoners bespoke meals, ordered via a custom operating system that allows diners to visualise their ingredients and mix of macronutrients, all measurable down to the last gram.

Our challenge was to describe the place with infinite options in a succinct, likeable, ownable way. We did so by rewriting the brand strategy, which helped us develop a new tone of voice and an all new brand line.

Our new strategy, “Vita Mojo is what I’m feeling,” neatly summed up the company’s purpose, making good food that makes people feel great. It also helped us create a new tone for communications to follow, starting with irreverent, long copy collateral, subtly referencing famous memes.

We completed the project with a new brand line: Superyoufood. This invented phrase speaks to both the quality and potential of any meal from Vita Mojo—as well as its bespoke, personalized nature.

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